Mason at forefront tackling Northern Virginia Opioid Epidemic

On April 19th George Mason University hosted a symposium to examine ways to eradicate the opioid crisis in Northern Virginia. The event was attended by stakeholders from around the state and federal government, including Gov. Ralph Northam as well as industry and business leaders, representatives from academia and health care, and local media.

“This is a crisis,” Northam said. “But if we all put our minds together, we can overcome it. We’ve done a lot of things in our history, and this is something that if we work together we can get done.”

As Virginia's largest public research university GMU joined partners in Northern Virginia to develop an initiative to address the epidemic. The approach to addressing these issues requires an exceptional level of collaboration and coordination between levels of government, community, organizations, fields of interest and academic institutions.

The symposium had a robust agenda including various perspectives and priorities throughout the discussion.

Read full article here


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