Overdose is now the #1 cause of death in Americans under 50.

In 2018, there were 1,193 opioid-related overdose deaths­­ in Virginia. Together we can change this! Our organization has over 480 reported reversals so far with the Narcan/naloxone that we have supplied. That is over 480 lives saved and we know that the number is likely much higher as many reversals go unreported.

What is Naloxone? Naloxone is a safe and effective medication that can reverse an overdose from prescription painkillers or heroin in as little as 30 seconds.  If you or a loved one are taking opioids for any reason, you should have naloxone on hand. 

Overdose is reversible. Death is not.

To request a free naloxone/ Narcan opioid overdose reversal kit, please fill out our confidential order request form. Click HERE to access the form. 

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