Opioid Overdose Reversal Training Event on June 6th


A monumental new law has gone into emergency effect in Virginia allowing anyone to obtain and administer life-saving Naloxone without a prescription. Naloxone blocks opiate receptors in the brain, rapidly reversing the effects of opioid overdose. It has saved thousands of lives. If you or a loved one use opioids, for any reason, whether they are prescribed or illicit, you need this training.

Overdose has become the number one cause of accidental death in America and you now have a way to fight it. All attendees will receive training on what to do and not do in an overdose situation, how to administer naloxone, and what to do afterwards. Each attendee will also receive a free Naloxone kit which includes all the supplies needed to administer the medication. The medication itself can be acquired without a prescription at a pharmacy after you take the training. VA, MD, and DC have all recently passed Naloxone access laws. If you live outside of those areas please check here to see if your state allows you to carry it: http://lawatlas.org/query?dataset=laws-regulating-administration-of-naloxone

UPDATE: We have been granted a donation of the new Naloxone epi-pen style auto-injector called EVZIO. Provided we receive the shipment in time, we will dispense it to individuals requiring financial assistance in obtaining Naloxone. If we do not get the shipment in time for the event, we will find another way to assist you! This medication should be in every home where opioids are present or suspected. Please share this message by any means possible.

Thank you!

Free parking is available in any of the B lots. Please see diagram to the left. The CA building (pictured below) is the last, and newest building on campus, and room 302 is located on the 3rd floor.

Annandale Campus:

8333 Little River Turnpike

Fairfax, VA 22003

Although preferred for planning purposes, we do not require registration should you wish to remain anonymous.

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