College Recovery Conference a Success!

The Inaugural Virginia Collegiate Recovery conference was held this past weekend, March 21-22 in Richmond, VA and TheCAF is proud to report that it was an incredible success! We had conference attendees from all over the east coast, and representatives from recovery communities at VCU, UVA, Longwood, JMU, GMU, and Hampden Sydney were present to learn and share about the College Recovery movement.

The conference kicked off with a productive brainstorming session between the VCRC planning committee, health care professionals and administrative employees from the universities that were represented. Each Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) had unique ideas to bring to the table. Also at the conference were many students in recovery who shared with us their incredible recovery journeys, what CRCs mean for them, and how we can best meet their recovery needs.

It is clear after this weekend that the need is great, but the desire to meet that need is also great! TheCAF is incredibly proud to be a part of this movement and to have met so many passionate people involved in it. We are excited to take our increased resources and knowledge to the George Mason University campus to start our CRC there.

We are currently seeking students in recovery at George Mason, or that are planning to go there soon, that might be interested in joining our community. If someone comes to mind please tell them to contact us at

Special thanks to all the people who made this possible!

Tom Banard of CARITAS, The Healing Place

Barbara Burke, Family Counseling Center for Recovery

Rosalind and Johnny Watkins, The JHW Foundation

Linda Hancock, Kristen Kidd Donovan and Elizabeth Bost of the VCU Wellness Center

Professor Kevin Doyle of Longwood Recovers

Bob Sangster of FROG recovery houses

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