Local Mental Health Resources

Education, Support, & Advocacy Programs for Individuals Living with a Mental Health Condition, Family Members, Friends, and the Northern Virginia Community. 

From NAMI Northern Virginia

Mental Health and Residential Treatment 


Polaris Teen Center


4670 Encino Ave

Encino, California 91316

Teens & Adolescents (Ages 12-17)

30-60 Day Residential Program

Specializing in treatment of: Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, Gender Dysphoria, Substance & Alcohol Abuse + more.


101 Healing Farm Lane

Mill Spring, North Carolina 28756

800-957-5155,   828-894-5557


18 and over

Up to 24 months treatment

Schizo-affective disorder, bipolar, major depressive disorder, anxiety, Aspergers, Borderline Personality Disorder. Treatment aimed at eventual transitioning into the community programs of work, education, and independent living.


Gould Farm

Box 157 

Monterey, MA  01245



18 and over


Pyscho-social rehabilitation in non-institutional environment for adults with depression, bipolar and schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia.


Life Skills of South Florida

1431 Southwest 9th Avenue

Deerfield Beach, FL  33441




Residential or outpatient treatment for adults with anxiety, bipolar, or Borderline Personality Disorders, depression, OCD, PSTD and schizo-affective disorder.


The Menninger Clinic

12301 Main Street

Houston TX  77035



Adolescent and adults

3-6 week inpatient treatment

Comprehensive inpatient assessment:  specialty programs for young adults and executives. 

Addiction, bipolar disorder and mood disorders, depression, anxiety, thought disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders.

4-6 month community reintegration residential program


Pasadena Villa

Orlando, FL and Tennessee

877-845-5235           407-246-0887



Residential psychiatric treatment for complex psychiatric disorders. Schizophrenia, anxiety, pilot  with psychosis, autism, mood disorders, schizo-affective disorder, Asperger’s, co-occurring substance abuse or addiction


Prakash & Ellenhorn

131 Mount Auburn Street

Cambridge, MA  02138



18 and older

Up to 6 months treatment

31 clients in own apartments, 9 clients in staffed residence, and 5 clients in two staffed apartments, individualized programs, treatment by social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, psychotherapists. Mild and acute psychiatric symptoms, mood, thought or anxiety disorders, eating disorders, co-occurring addictions or dual diagnosis disorders.


Yellow Brick

1560 Sherman Avenue, Suite 400

Evanston, IL  60201



18-30 year olds

Multiple months

Specializing in helping emerging adults with mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and addiction, trauma and borderline and avoidant disorders and “failure to launch”

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