Recovery Housing Scholarship Program


***Please note that we are only able to accept applications from DC Metro/ Northern Virginia area residents.*** 


To apply you must: 

1. Be a DC metro/ Northern Virginia area resident, or incoming resident

2. Be commited to your recovery

3. Fill out an application (download here). If you are a member of the Fairfax County CSB (Community Services Board), please have your case worker fill out a Residential Treatment Service Recovery Housing Scholarship application (download here). 

4. Be currently accepted into a recovery home



What are Recovery Houses?

Also sometimes referred to as a halfway house or transitional housing, a Recovery House is a place where people in recovery from substance use disorder live together and support one another.  These houses may run from highly structured to totally self-run.  They follow a peer-to-peer, community-based approach to recovery support. In Virginia the most common of these are called Oxford Houses. Today there are more than 1000 Oxford Houses in the United States and other countries.  


Are They Effective?

Recovery Housing is included in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.  However, relapse often happens in recovery, and no method for preventing them is a guarantee. 


Why are We Doing This?

We lost Christopher just days after he returned from in-patient treatment.  He had an interview scheduled at a local Oxford House, but never made it.  We learned the hard way that seamless transitions from one step of the recovery plan to the next is vital. Rather than moving back to the same place they used to use, where triggers are common, we encourage people to find a supportive, sober house.  To do this we offer a limited number of scholarships for people in treatment who need financial assistance, and get accepted into an Oxford House before leaving the treatment facility.  The Scholarship covers the one-time move in fee and first two weeks of rent to get people started on their own road to self-sufficiency in recovery.


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