Use these talking points to explain to your legislator why allowing state certified overdose reversal trainers to dispense naloxone at their classes is vital! 



Despite recent efforts, the opioid death toll is still rising in Virginia and access to the overdose reversal medication, naloxone, is not adequate to address an epidemic of this magnitude.  Pharmacists alone cannot fill in the gaps that families and individuals are slipping through.  Revive instructors are state certified, passionate about stopping overdose deaths, and unlike pharmacists, they are mobile in their communities.  They are a valuable resource in this fight, but under current legislation are unable to perform their roles properly.  Virginia must act quickly to allow the Revive program to operate more efficiently and save more lives by permitting trainers to pass out naloxone at their training classes. 


   The Problem:    


  • Opioid overdose rates are skyrocketting, killing more Virginians than car accidents.  Naloxone quickly and safely reverses opioid overdose - but most of the people who need it don't have it.


  • Pharmacies may now sell naloxone without a prescription, but this has not improved access for persons without sufficient income, transportation, and insurance – or for those who are afraid to ask for a stigmatized medication at a public pharmacy counter.


  • Revive instructors at community services boards, nonprofits, and shelters intersect with these populations every day, have developed trust with them, and desire to incorporate naloxone into their regular services.  


  • Despite the safety of naloxone and the urgency of the overdose epidemic, current legislation in Virginia prevents Revive instructors from providing naloxone directly to their trainees at the time of instruction. Instead, they must refer them to a pharmacy, and many people never go - with fatal consequences. 



The Proposed Solution:


  • Pass SB848 / HB1449, the Naloxone Access Bill, which would allow Revive trainers to give out this safe and vital medication to the people they already serve.  This is currently being done with success in 26 other states.                      



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