RECOMMENDED READINGS ON SUBSTANCE USE DISORDERS                                   Updated August 27, 2018




Broken - 

William C. Moyers


Moments of Clarity

Christopher Kennedy Lawford


Second Chances

Gary Stromberg and Jane Merrill -



Kirsten Johnson


The Harder They Fall (celebrities)-

Stromberg and Merrill


The Joey Song

Sandra Swenson

(parent surviving son’s addiction)


From Addiction to Recovery

Dr. Anita Gadhia-Smith


Symptoms of Withdrawal

 Christopher Kennedy Lawford


An Addict in the Family

Beverly Conyers


We All Fall Down

Nic Sheff – 2011


Patrick MacAfee’s Afterward in Stay Close

by Libby Cataldi


The Interventionist

Joani Gammill


Angie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – 

Maggie C. Romero

A Common Struggle- (mental health and addiction)

Patrick J Kennedy

Secret No More-

Lisa Hillman


Britt Doyle

Tending Dandelions- Meditations for Mothers-

Sandy Swenson

The Only Life I Could Save

Katherine Ketcham


Understanding the disease and other health issues


Recovering My Kid –

Dr. Joseph Lee


Don’t Let Your Kids Kill You –

Charles Rubin



David Sheff


Now What –

William C. Moyers


Recover to Live: Kick Any Habit, Manage Any Addiction –


Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road to Sanity -

Joani Gammill


Everything Changes-

Beverly Conyers

Helping Your Chemically Dependent Teenager Recover-

Peter R. Cohen

Not by Chance-

Tim R. Thayne

It Takes a Family-

Debra Jay

From Monsters to Miracles - Parent Driven Recovery Tools

Anette Edens


Good words for concerned persons to read / re-read while patient is getting help


Recovering My Kid

Dr. Joseph Lee


Everything Changes

Beverly Conyers


Helping Your Chemically Dependent Teenager Recover -

Peter R. Cohen


Not By Chance -

Tim R. Thayne


Positive Recovery Reading


What Addicts Know - 10 Lessons from Recovery to Benefit Everyone -



GOD of Our Understanding-

Rabbi Shais Taub

The Language of Letting Go-

Melody Beattie

Codependent No More-

Melody Bettie

Educational Videos

Included are educational videos, documentaries, and films about what addiction is, what recovery is, and information about harm reduction. Click the images to view.

The Anonymous People

This documentary discusses the history and stigmatization of the anonymity around recovery while following celebrities, survivors, and experts as they discuss Substance Use Disorder. Full documentary available on Amazon, YouTube, and iTunes. Watch trailer here.


A PBS and NOVA documentary about how opioid addiction affects the brain and how evidence-based treatment is saving lives. Watch here.


Pleasure Unwoven

Dr. Kevin McCauley uses his personal experience as a doctor as well as scientific research to dig deeper into the question of "Is addiction a disease?" Full documentary available to purchase on Amazon. Watch trailer here.


Prescription for Change

MTV teams up with multi-platinum artist and person in longterm recovery Macklemore to go inside America’s opioid epidemic, meeting those living with addiction and heading to Washington D.C. for an exclusive talk with former President Obama on this important issue. Watch documentary here.

Transformation: the Alchemy of Harm Reduction

This hour long documentary shows harm reduction programs such as needle exchanges in action and their larger, positive effect on the community around them. Watch documentary here.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 3.46.01 PM.png

TEDx Talk by Guy Felicella on Harm Reduction

Titled "I Died Six Times...Let's End the Stigma of Harm Reduction," Guy Felicella discusses his struggle with addiction and how harm reduction programs led him on the road to recovery. Watch video here.


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