Virginia allies with other states in suing opioid drug manufacturer

VA Attorney General Mark Herring is filing an ongoing suit against Purdue Pharma, makers of the opioid Oxycontin. While more than 28 other states have also filed lawsuits, Herring filed his own suit, allowing him to advocate specifically for the repayment of funds spent fighting the opioid crisis in Virginia. Herring joins many other state Attorneys General who believe Purdue intentionally marketed Oxycontin in a negligent manner, which in t

urn has cost the lives of thousands of Virginians.

Herring claims that Purdue is directly involved in maintaining the opioid crisis by creating an "opioid empire" that they have built on lies and corruption. Through downplaying the true addictive nature of opioids, Herring believes it has led to the large increase in opioid-related deaths in Virginia.

You can read about Mark Herring's lawsuit in this article from the Washington Post: Herring Sues Purdue Pharma.

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