Inaugural Virginia Collegiate Recovery Conference March 21-22

The Chris Atwood Foundation is happy to announce we are co-hosting the inaugural Virginia Collegiate Recovery Conference to be held at VCU on March 21-22, 2014. Details and an overview of the conference can be found at the bottom of this post.

Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRCs) have been rapidly growing in the last 10 years. Texas Tech in Lubbock Texas has created a best practices model for CRCs that has added tremendous value to the larger university community, saved the University tremendous amounts in tuition, and become self-sufficient. Numerous CRCs have been springing up, many in the state of Virginia, and we hope to continue to strengthen that movement. Several Virginia Schools have received $10,000 grants from the Stacie Matthewson Foundation to support this movement.

The Chris Atwood Foundation has been working with staff at George Mason University to take the first steps towards starting a CRC there. With a student population of over 30,000 GMU is bursting at the seams and has been much in need of additional recovery services to supplement their Wellness, Alcohol and Violence Services department. We look forward to collaborating with the atendees of the conference toward our shared goal of helping college students thrive both in every day life and acedemics.

The Conference will take place on Campus at VCU in the new ASPiRE Building, 835 West Grace Street; Richmond, Virginia 23220.


Friday, March 21st

  • Noon - 6 pm : Organizers meetings (For Faculty, staff, and friends of collegiate recovery)

  • 7pm : Dinner for All- Students, Faculty, Staff and Friends

  • 8:30pm : On campus 12 step meeting

Saturday, March 22nd

Breakfast will be served at 10 am and lunch served around 1:15.

  • 10:30am-6:00pm- Virginia Collegiate Recovery Conference Featuring:

- Student Speakers

- Breakout Sessions about Life as a Recovering Student

- Outdoor Adventure through the VCU outdoor adventure program

- Anonymous People movie screening


Hosted by VCU Rams in Recovery, Longwood Recovers, The JHW Foundation, Inc. and The Chris Atwood Foundation, Inc.

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