Public opinion shapes public policy - so we need policy makers to know that addiction must be a front and center issue. 


There are two legislative measures we are focusing on in VA and DC this year. 


1. Updating the naloxone access law in Virginia to allow volunteers and nonprofit workers to dispense naloxone (aka Narcan) so that we can mobilize our efforts to reach the populations most in need.  If you live in Virginia visit Who's My Legislator to find out who your legislator is and give them a call or set up a meeting.  Contact us and we will send you the ask letter and other documentation to take with you to the meeting. 


2. To pass legislation in DC allowing:

  •  Parents and friends of people with an opioid addiction to carry naloxone to reverse an overdose. (The current law forbids third party prescriptions like this and is extremely detrimental to life-saving efforts.) 

  • To allow for a standing order permitting pharmacies, doctors, or volunteers to dispense naloxone to those at risk for overdose. 


For information on national advocacy efforts please visit Facing Addiction's Advocacy Agenda.

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